When they take stage, their presence takes over the room. You'll want to shimmy and shake all night long, and then come back for more”

Shame on me

Rock N Roll

Shame On Me formed in 2018 by Mel Torres, and Rogelio Gutierrez. Their inspiration and love for Amy Winehouse, The Cramps, 60's Girl Groups and 50's Rock N Roll is evident in their music.

Their unique style fuses twangy reverb guitars, rockabilly thumps, and soulful vocal melodies take over audiences and has them coming back for more.

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shame on me

band members

Mel Torres- Lead Vocals/Bass

Patrick Kelly-Drums/Vocals/Percussion

Jewelz Barron - Vocals/Guitar/Percussion

Rogelio Gutierres- Lead Guitar/Vocals




Rogelio Gutierrez

Patrick Kelly

Jewelz Barron

Mel Torres